One of the central subjects in this week’s parasha --is firstly-- the appearance of Moshe, a miracle of his being (life), and the start of his leadership. There is a central cause (cause of heart), that is not only in the miracle of his being that we occupy ourselves with, but the miracle of his existence. As it is said, is was a miracle for  Moshe Rabbenu to be successful at being what he is, Rabbi of all Israel in all the generations and Prophet of Prophets. You see the greatness of Moshe Rabbenu from childhood, and during these great years (some say 20 and some say 40). The house of the Egyptian Kingship was one of the centers of immorality, idols and incest in Egypt. And in all this, Moshe retained (kept) the purity of his soul, and directed the power of the special lives to channel the sanctity and faith in one boss. And no more (still not), except (but) the success for being Rabbi of all Israel for all the generations. Indeed wonderful (miraculous) was this thing. And surely the birth (childhood) of Moshe and the rescue his life, and his creation as a man of G-D, is an unbroken miracle of miracles, until it was no longer a good manifestation than the manifestation in him used (exploited) the RMb"M of haShem which produced Moshe. You see the RMb"M described the spiritual disintegration (decay) of existence for our fathers in Egypt, as far as the long time took [under Egypt] for them in those days.

“The thing happened to go and overpowered (increased) with the children of Yaacov and accompanied over them and made in a worldly nation that knew haShem, until our  days grew long  for Israel in Egypt,

and they regretted learning  from actions and worship of false idols —except the tribe of Levy, who stood for the Miswoth of our fathers; never did  the tribe of Levy serve idols..

“ and almost (approximately) a small existence, the point implant Avraham (the faith in haShem as one) , and return the children of Yaacov for mistake of the people and go astray. And the love of haShem sign for us and our guarding the oath for Avraham our father, making Moshe our Rabbi and Rabbi of all the Prophets, and sending him forth.” (Hilcoth Avoda Zora: Chapter 1, 16-17)

The RMb"M enunciates this lesson from the book of I Shmuel 12:6:

 And Samuel said unto the people: “It is HaShem that made Moses and Aaron, and that brought your fathers up out of the land of Egypt.”

Surely the intention (purpose) of haShem [is] the preparation of his character and the merging (preparing) of Moshe’s worthiness to be a man of G-D – a Prophet of Prophets. But surely in addition to haShem to preparing to merge the character of Moshe Rabenu, haShem is also helping him take advantage of the impure Egyptians and their abominations in spite of his childhood, he resides with them. And even though the fear of Torah describe the circumstances and