Sisith al pi Sidur Siyah Yerushalayim

Rav Yosaph Ibn Yikhya ElQafaH zs'l / ROUGH TRANSLATION-Site Admin.

Sisith: (Positive Mitzwah)

It is a miswah to do that everyone that has a piece of cloth with four corners must put fringes on it. A man should try to cover himself with a piece of cloth in order to fulfill this miswah—especially when he is praying. The miswah of sisith is an obligation of the daytime. And then when he says the bracha when he wears the talith. Men can put a talith on at night during the week or Shabboth or even in public even when it is not the time for sisith as long as he does not say the bracha. A little boy that knows how to cover himself with the talith must wear sisith in order to educate him for miswoth. If a person takes of his talith, he must say the bracha again when he puts it back on. If it forbidden to write pesukim from the Torah or blessings on the talith. It’s okay to wear the talith that is folded in half (two). The Shaliah Tzibbur always puts on a talith. Our custom in Yemen is to put a talith on Arev Shabboth and Arev Yomim Tovim.

Guide to tying the fringes

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