Hangable Torah Posters
פוסטרים בתמונות להוריד
 Experience The Torah's Energy

These posters can be printed on plain paper, and hung throughout your house. Don't forget to make adjustments, in order to properly pronounce HaShem's name during the blessings/prayers. Hang them around your house, in order to solidify your routine.



Morning Blessings with Pictures : ברכת השחר בתמונות:פּוֹסְטֶר: According to law, these must be said right after you wake, immediately when benefiting from certain actions (which are listed in chapter seven of the Mishneh Torah). Each blessing corresponds to a different benefit. Therefore, these must be said before going to the Bet Knesseth - which occurs after these benefits have been realized.

Elohai ha-N'eshamah : אֱ-לֹהַי, הַנְשָמָה
According to law, these should be the very first words out of your mouth. Start your day right!

Morning Blessings :ברכת השחר

Restroom (before and after blessings) : חדר אמבטיה
These should be said before entering and after leaving the restrooms.


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