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US State Department Combatting Israel's Jewish Identity

Reported: 15:35 PM - Dec/01/10

The American State Department gave $770,000 in grants to Merchavim, an Israeli organization working to weaken the character of the Jewish state under the guise of "promoting diversity" and "shared citizenship" in Israel.

Most of the grant, some $750,000, will go to expand the collaboration between Merchavim and the American nonprofit Sesame Workshop, producer of the Sesame Street program, to continue to produce Israelís version of the show, "Rechov Sumsum," which features both Jews and Arabs as characters. The grant will reportedly be used to develop content in Hebrew and Arabic for use by 1,200 kindergarten teachers in order to indoctrinate children away from Jewish national sentiment.

ADMIN COMMENTS: There is no doubt (in my mind) that the current administration is clearly pushing an Islamic (SHI'I) agenda, and are doing everything they can to further the SHI'I power in the world. In the name of fighting Al Queda (Sunni), they are empowering radicals in the Shi'i world instead. Ironically, the Shi'i are even more violent and fundamentalist.
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