The Laws of Passover - from BAT MELEKH


“Remember leaving Egypt”


The month of Nisan gave/gives the people Israel a month of redemption/freedom, as it is thus written: this month is “for them” (Exodus 12:2), and our wise men of blessing said: FOR THEM (means) – for their deliverance/freedom.


On the 15th the establishment  of Passover was fixed for generation, to remember our dark exit into light and (our journey from) slavery into redemption, from a hundred years of slavery’s threat and a terrifying subordination at the hands of the Egyptians. And it is explained in Sefer haHhinukh (mswah 20:1), via the leaving of Misraim, we were given many Miswoth (commandments), for this is a great foundation (of our faith) and strongly stands (as a foundation) in our Torah, and therefore we forever say in our blessings and prayers “remember the leaving of Egypt”, according to this sign and total wonder (which brought us into) a new world, and does there exist an ancient G-D that desired and made it possible to achieve all these doings, and who caused changes when he desired in all times, like he made in Egypt making the natural world into our parting (path), and making for us new great and tremendous new things, didn’t this silence all the heretics in the new world and there existed the faith in knowing HaShem, and does this not show our divine providence and our ability in great detail.


Passover was a great event and is exalted, and was (the) perpetuated in the Jewish heritage in this manner-- in the 15th night of Nissan, we manage the night’s seder with a method that demonstrates our season (of) Egyptian slavery and our leaving Egypt, with drinking four cups, which equal four divisions of the redemption: which are as follows: I have taken you out, I have saved you, I have aquired you and I have redeemed you (Smoth wow). Eating Masah illustrates the exiting from Egypt and in this way there is not enough dough for Chametz at that time, eating maror shows the bitterness of slavery.


In addition to this, we have many that are having their sons enumerate the difficult slavery and subjugation in Egypt of our fathers and the awful cruelty and this cruelty included our sons who were thrown / banished to show, and the miracles and signs and wonders that were made by Ha Qodash Barukh Hu for our fathers when they left Egypt. And so in this way we make roots and plants in our children’s heart with faith in HaShem’s blessing, and this instills them with the value of the existence of Torah and Miswoth.


Quickness and care taken by the Women

It is known, many were our Holy Mothers in Yemen, who were/ are very quick and cautious in doing the Miswoth, because of their reverence for truth and complete faith, in particular regarding the laws of Kashruth for Pesah, for example: cleanliness of the house, sorting of the wheat and baking the masoth. And already the Gaon Ribi Shalom Mansurah testified (regarding them) in a new commentary on the Shulkhan Aurkh : “…they are extremely quick in this miswah better than all the other miswoth”

And there is story from the days of the Gaon Ribi Yihhyeh Yishhaq haLewi ZS”L, which came from a Doctor that went from the land of Israel to Yemen, that deals with a doubt (about) the Kashruth (of) the masah for Passover, he made the objection that there is no possibility that the women (could actually) sort the wheat properly. Our Rabbi Yihhyeh Yishhaq haLewi ZS”L than grasped (took) a tin of wheat that was for sorting for Pesahh, and the doctor observed mixed with them seven  wheat that were split. And after going through the machinery he gave the wheat to women for separation (process), and the doctor was amazed to see the women removed exactly seven cracked wheat grains.


Respect (reverence) of the house and preparation for the search (for leaven)


After working at cleaning the house and preparing for the search for Hamays on the night of the 14th , in order to alleviate (lesson) the investigation, it is permitted to start in weeks close to Passover in cleaning clothing cupboards, books, sheds and all places that there is a way to hhamays to be there, and before we return the contents it is proper to search them according to law.  On the night of the search, we search with a candle. And if it is the night. And if a day of penetrating light, also the light of the son. And there is no blessing on bediqath.


On the fourthteenth night that is a day before the search for Hhamays, there is a thorough sweeping and washing of all the places that need to be investigated, for this reason, (the search) will be easy.


Places that Require Searching


Books do not need to be searched and therefore searching normal is not with a candle, but books that are normally learned during times of a meal, it is appropriate to be strict to search. There is an investigating all rooms that are