Hag Shavuoth

The festival of Shavuoth is also called also Atzereth- The day of receiving the Torah. Since there are no [not many] special mitzvoth, there is no special preparation. The prayer and meal on the night of the festival is like every Holiday (Yom Tov). In Shacharith: after reading the Haftorah, they say the Azahoroth. According to Rav Shlomo iben Gvirol, they say the mitzvoth asah (they count all the positive commandments) on the first day. On the second day they say the negative mitswoth (commandments). It is read in a special melody. They let the Chazan with the most pleasant voice in the Bet Knesset have the honor of saying it [ie: additional Azahoroth]. 

The leader of the Azaharoth sings (with flourishes) with them --in certain places it is deeply moving. With special magic, the pasika starts: "and upon the mount Galil, they go with a flute". The entire congregation joins with the Hazan with unswerving devotion. Devotees and men whose eyes flow up with tears . They shed tears full of longing and yearning, they shed tears that require [to find] Zion and Jerusalem.

After the Azahoroth, they daven musaf and then go home. For breakfast, they have a special zalabia (like dounuts fried in oil) and then they eat Jallah. There are two different songs for Shavuoth. They clean and finish lunch. They eat a lot of meat like every holiday. The Temanim were surprised about custom to eat Dairy. Only the Erav rav were still eating neveloth. Israel used to slaughter the animal and eat kosher before Matan Torah- as Avrahom knew these laws already. They finished their lunch and went to the Bet Knesset to read Megillath Ruth. Some Batai Knesset read the Targum by R. Saadyah Gaon.

On the first night—after aravith—they ate Jallah and made it short because they returned back to the Beth Knesset to read the Tikun for Shavuoth. In the old siddurim, they did not have this custom. It was regular like every other holiday. This custom only arrived in Yemen during the last two hundred years. Some people believe that the best time to pray for parnossa is in the night. And according to these people, when the gates of heaven open, every request will be fulfilled. The best time is when the stars are falling. The aggadah tells of a woman who looked from the window and saw a star falling. She said: "make my head big". Then she couldn’t move because her head became so big. So they had to bring a ladder to feed her. And only in the end of the Chag did they break the window to take her out.

The next night, they used to go to visit the Rabbi and the Groom (in his first year of marriage) . Something about the Groom going to his father in law like every second day of a holiday. [This may be a mistranslation]